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Research Reports

MRR 204: Comparison Of Braking Performance Of Low Engine Capacity Motorcycles

This report highlights several important findings of a study on the braking performance of commonly used low engine capacity motorcycles in Malaysia. This study measured and compared braking distance and G-force value (peak) during braking test of 6 distinct underbone motorcycles of 100-150cc in simulated emergency situation based on different test conditions namely type of brake system (disc and drum), method of braking operation (front and rear brakes) and test load (rider only and rider with pillion). A total of 48 runs (24 test conditions) of the actual braking test were performed at the test site (closed course). The study reveals the type of braking system and method of braking operation significantly influenced braking distance and G-force value. However, it was found that test load was not significant. Furthermore, both front and rear brake activation provided better braking performance as compared to single activation (rear brake only). The shortest braking distance and highest deceleration rate were 12.48 meters and 8.52 m/s 2. While the lowest G-force value (peak) recorded throughout the actual braking test was 0.39. It is to be noted that this study is unique on its own due to certain limitations though some of the methods were adopted from the established international braking test standards. Even though this study is considered fundamental, the findings could provide vital information on the braking performance of underbone motorcycles especially to the motorcycle manufacturers and OEMs, as well as to the relevant authorities (driving institutes and
Road Transport Department). Since advanced braking system such as Antilock Braking System (ABS) and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) have proven effective for passenger vehicles, a study is required to explore their effectiveness for this type of motorcycles in the future. 

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