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Research Reports

MRev 202: Effective Instructional Method Of Road Safety Education: A Review

This study discusses a literature review which examined instructional methods that are effective to deliver RSE based on programs evaluation outcomes. Most of the evaluation outcomes of RSE program shows positives changes in children safety knowledge, behaviour and attitude. However, there are reports stated that RSE program may have negative effects on children whereby the programs outcomes may not live up to expectations and may do more harm by creating a false sense of safety and overconfident in children. RSE programs have been studied extensively before, resources published within the last 10 years was selected as the limitation for the review. A review on school-based health prevention programs shows that traditional pedagogical health education programs are proved to be effective in increasing children knowledge. Instructional methods identified in this study are traditional classroom lectures, interactive instructional methods, discussions, games, computer technology, written material, audiovisual sources, verbal recall, demonstrations, educational songs and role-playing. Instructional methods that increased knowledge are role-playing, interactive method, written material, demonstration and discussion. Video and computer technology such as virtual reality improved children behaviour but not safety knowledge. Various instructional methods used in combinations were successful in increasing children knowledge and behaviour. Overall, this study found that interactive instructional method is effective in the delivery of road safety knowledge to younger children and pre-schoolers between the age of 4 to 8 years old. The method also shows significant knowledge increase, long-term knowledge retention and positive changes in behaviour when encountered with on road situation.

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