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Research Reports

MRR 207: Vulnerability Of Pedestrians At Traffic Junction

An accident involving pedestrian may easily result in fatal injury due to their vulnerability.  As reducing fatality in road accident becomes the road safety target, effort should be taken to identify  fatality  contributing  factors  through  analysis  of existing  accident  data. Thus, this study aims to investigate  the factors  associated with pedestrian fatal injury. Utilising pedestrian accident data from the year 2009-2013, a model was developed using logistic regression to identify the factors related  to pedestrian  fatalities  at cross and T/Y junctions.  The final model explained  four significant factors including the age of pedestrian, part of body injury, vehicle and junction type. The results show that accident involving pedestrian occurred at T/Y junction,   pedestrian   hit  by  heavy   vehicle,   and  experiencing   head/neck   injury increase  the likelihood  of  being  fatal.  Traffic  ban  for  heavy  vehicles  and  speed control at the area with a high volume of pedestrian should be considered due to the greater impact of these factors on the pedestrian fatality.  

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