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Research Reports

MRR 212: Risk Factors Identification And Issues Pertaining To Road Collisions Involving Pedestrian And Motorcycle

Road crash statistics from the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) revealed that there are serious   concerns   over   the   relatively   high   amount   of   road   crashes   involving pedestrian-motorcycle  in Malaysia.  Analysis  conducted  on local  motorcycle  crash data for the 2001-2010 period showed that motorcyclists were involved in 24.8% of killed and severely injured (KSI) crashes involving a collision with a pedestrian  (by type of the first collision). This warrants a study to be carried out to understand the overall   accident   characteristics    and   investigate    the   associated    risk   factors. Secondary data from RMP records (POL 27) which were retrospectively collected via MIROS Road Accident Analysis and Database System (M-ROADS), were utilised using five  years  (2009-2013)   of  related  road  crashes  (n  = 1,626).  Results  of  logistic regression analysis shown that the following factors collectively led to a higher probability of being fatal for pedestrians; pedestrian aged more than 25 years old; suffers head injury (location of body injury); being involved in a crash with a road speed limit of more than 50 km/h; being involved in crash occurred at straight road and being  involved  in a crash  that happens  at location  with dark-unlit  condition. Subsequently,  focus  group  discussions  with  stakeholders  were  also  conducted  to gather relevant data to identify related issues and suggestions on motorcycle safety technology with regards to collision with a pedestrian. 

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