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Projects at National Level


  1. Accident Characteristics of Injured Motorcyclists in Road Crashes in Malaysia;
  2. Accident Investigation by Conflict Study;
  3. A GIS Support System for Road Safety Analysis and Management;
  4. A Study on the Use Oil Palm Fiber in Rubberized Stone Mastic Asphalt;
  5. Cervical Spine Injuries Sustained by Motorcyclists in Malaysia;
  6. Compliance of Proper Safety Helmet Usage in Motorcyclists;
  7. Crash Simulation of Lower Limb with Motorcycle Basket;
  8. Crashes with Roadside Objects Along Motorcycle Lanes in Malaysia;
  9. Critical Review of the Status of Road Safety in Malaysia;
  10. Determination of Comfortable Safe Width in An Exclusive Motorcycle Lane;
  11. Development of Hourly, Daily and Monthly Factors and Its Application to Prediction Model for Motorcycle Accidents at Junctions in Malaysia;
  12. Development of Prediction Models for Motorcycle Crashes at Signalized Intersections on Urbans Roads in Malaysia;
  13. Effects of Cement-Rice Husk Ash Mixtures On Compaction, Strength and Durabillity of Melaka Series Lateritic Soil;
  14. Empirical Model for Impact Response of Motorcycle Front Spoked Wheel-Tyre Assembly;
  15. Estimating Capacity for Uninterrupted Motorcycle Path in Malaysia;
  16. Experimental Study on Energy Absorption Characteristics of Motorcycle Front Wheel-Tyre Assembly in Frontal Impact;
  17. Factors Influencing Red Light Runners Among Motorcyclists in Malaysia;
  18. Fatal Injuries in Malaysian Motorcyclists;
  19. Helmet Initiative Programs in Malaysia;
  20. Impact of the Effect of Economic Crisis and The Targeted Motorcycle Safety Programme on Motorcycle-related Accidents, Injuries and Fatalities in Malaysia;
  21. Key Components of A Motorcycle-Traffic System - a Study Along the Motorcycle Path in Malaysia;
  22. Mechanisms of Cervical Spine Injuries For Non-Fatal Motorcycle Road Crash;
  23. Mode Choice Model for Vulnerable Motorcyclists in Malaysia;
  24. Model Diagnosis dan Rawatan Kemalangan Jalan Raya di Malaysia;
  25. Modeling of Compliance Behavior of Motorcyclists to Proper Usage of Safety Helmets in Malaysia;
  26. Modeling of Traffic Accidents Along Major Trunk Roads in Malaysia;
  27. Model Kematian Jalan Raya Di Malaysia Unjuran Tahun 2000;
  28. Modelling of Conspicuity-Related Motorcycle Accidents in Seremban and Shah Alam, Malaysia;
  29. Modified Rubberised Stone Mastic Asphalt Mix for Malaysian Roads;
  30. Motorcycle Accident Prediction Model for Junctions on Urban Roads in Malaysia;
  31. Motorcycle Crash Prediction Model for Non-Signalized Intersections;
  32. Motorcycle Helmet Part I. Biomechanics and Computational Issues;
  33. Motorcycle Helmet Part II Materials and Design Issues;
  34. Motorcycle Safety Programmes in Malaysia How Effective Are They?;
  35. Multivariate Analysis of Motorcycle Accidents and the Effects of Exclusive Motorcycle Lanes in Malaysia;
  36. Non-Fatal Injuries in Malaysian Motorcyclists;
  37. Patient Perception on the Effectiveness of Shin Pads in Reducing The Severity of Injuries to The Tibia Following Motorcycle Accidents;
  38. Pattern of Maxillofacial Injuries in Motorcyclists in Malaysia;
  39. Persembahan Maklumat Kemalangan dengan Sistem Maklumat Geografi;
  40. Predictive Model for Motorcycle Accidents at Three-Legged Priority Junctions;
  41. Preliminary Analysis of Motorcycle Accidents: Short Term Impacts of The Running Headlight Campaign and Regulation In Malaysia;
  42. Preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis of The Exclusive Motorcycle Lane in Malaysia;
  43. Preliminary Study of Motorcycle Lanes Capacity in Malaysia;
  44. Relative Risk of Fatal Injury in "High-Performance-Small Motorcycle" Crashes in Malaysia;
  45. Road Accidents in Malaysia;
  46. Selt Belt Use Among Car Users in Malaysia;
  47. The Crashing Behaviour of Motorcycle Basket Under Impact Loading;
  48. The Distribution of Service Time at Bangi, Kajang, Sungai Besi and UPM Closed System Toll Plazas;
  49. The Economic Benefits of Preventing Motorcycle Injuries;
  50. The Effectiveness of A Continuous Paved Shoulder to Reduce Motorcycle Conflicts at Junctions;
  51. The Identification, Prioritising and Analysis of Accident Blackspots in Malaysia;
  52. The Malaysian Government's Road Accident Death Reduction Target for Year 2010;
  53. The Value of Daytime Running Headlight Initiatives On Motorcycle Crashes in Malaysia;
  54. The Value of Exclusive Motorcycle Lanes to Motorcycle Accidents and Casualities in Malaysia;
  55. The Value of Frontal Conspicuity on Motorcycle Accidents in Malaysia;
  56. The Value of Life and Accident Costing: A Willingness to Pay Study Amongst Young Motorcyclists in Malaysia;
  57. Time-Series Multivariate Traffic Accidents and Fatality Models in Malaysia;
  58. Updates of Road Safety Status in Malaysia;
  59. Placing Dollar Value (On Life) For a Better Quality of Life: A Contingent Valuation Study of Malaysian Motorists;
  60. Value of Life of Malaysian Motorists: Estimates from A Nationwide Survey.


 Last update :  15 April 2015