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About Us

The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) was established in 2007 as an agency under the Ministry on Transport Malaysia to serve as a central repository of knowledge and information on road safety. The findings derived from research and evidence-based intervention programmes provide the basis for the formulation of new strategies, legislations, policies, and enforcement measures, governing road safety at the national level.
Principally engaged in research, MIROS collaborates closely with local and international government agencies and private bodies to further the cause of road safety, serving as a one-stop centre for the generation and dissemination of road safety information and data.

  • Conduct high impact research that will be translated into road safety policies.
  • Develop national objectives, policies, and priorities for the orderly development and administration of road safety research.
  • Enhance and increase knowledge based on new developments in issues related to road safety.
  • Serve as an audit and accreditation agency in curriculum design and standards on road safety.
  • Propose evidenced based cost-effective interventions/ programmes.
  • Serve as a repository of knowledge and linkage on road safety.
  • Serve as a centre providing consultation and advice on road safety issues.