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ASEAN Road Safety Centre

The Meeting noted that the proposed Centre will aim to provide knowledge about the situation concerning road safety in ASEAN Member States which include information on the following: traffic laws and regulations, road accident data, road transport data, vehicle regulations concerning standard and inspections, driver training and driver testing, traffic police activities, road safety training in schools, road safety information / campaigns to the community.

Subsequently the 20th ASEAN Transport Ministers Meeting (ATM) on 27 November 2014 in Mandalay, Myanmar welcomed the appointment of Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) as the ASEAN Regional Road Safety Centre. The aims of this centre are to promote and provide knowledge on road safety issues among ASEAN Member States.
Road Safety in the Region
There are many challenges faced by ASEAN due to current situations and different expertise in the field of road safety by the member states. Among the challenges faced by ASEAN are as follows:

Road safety situation in the region
There is an inconsistent approach in monitoring road safety situation between member countries in the region. Ununiformed road safety monitoring will result in unrealistic and inaccurate comparison between member countries.
Different levels of economic development
There is a need for harmonization of trade among member countries due to the different economic levels of each country. Through the harmonization of vehicle safety standards, ASEAN citizens may enjoy the same level of security protection.

Unsustainable road safety initiatives
Multidisciplinary involvement is pertinent in road safety and action by road safety lead agency alone is not enough. In addition, lack of capacity at various levels among member countries lead to unsustainable road safety initiatives. Hence, support for capacity building of various stakeholders related to road safety is a major concern.

Evidence-based road safety initiatives
Minimal road safety initiatives were conducted based on facts and research in order to ensure road safety programs are implemented effectively. However, learning from the experience of other ASEAN member countries will be able to improve road safety programs rapidly and effectively.

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