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Book Of Abstracts 2016

This book compiles and lists the reports published by MIROS in 2016. The reports are fundamentally the outputs of the research projects and operational exerceses carried out by the research centres at MIROS. The reports are generated and produced by the respective units under each Centre, and focus on their specific areas of expertise in the fields of road safety.
The reports are divided into several categories. All reports are available to the general public except those labelled restricted or confidential. The reports provide extensive insights into various issues related to road safety in general, and more specifically, road safety issues in Malaysia. Depending on the categories, the reports contain analyses, reviews and / or recommendations. Although the reports are official documents produced by MIROS, they not binding on any other parties, whether mentioned in the reports or otherwise. the inputs from the reports are to be used only as references and as sources of information. Reference herein to any specific reports does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favouring by MIROS, the Ministry of Transport of Malaysia, or the Malaysian Government. Interested parties may contact MIROS to obtain the full report.

MIROS Book of Abstracts 2016
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