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Crash Reconstruction Unit (CRU)

Crash Reconstruction Unit (CRU) is one of the units under MIROS and leads one of the essential cores of MIROS’ operation which is the real-world in depth crash investigation. This continuous effort started in March 2007, almost as early as the establishment of MIROS on 3 January 2007. CRU’s crash investigation work covers all types of road traffic collisions in Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak.  The primary purpose of MIROS’ crash investigation is to identify in detail as many factors as possible that contribute to crashes and the resulting injuries to occupants, particularly factors that have not been previously identified. This process is expected to lead to the development of countermeasures that will help to reduce the human and economic impact of road crashes on Malaysian society.

CRU is responsible to conduct high profile road crash investigations throughout Malaysia. Its investigation is multifaceted, comprised of the detail inspection on road safety design, vehicle safety and on occupant safety and injuries.  CRU maintain a comprehensive in-depth crash database called CIRD. We provide technical analysis on crash data and forensic analysis on material through our material and thermal aging lab. We also been using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to assist us in depth crash investigation and traffic monitoring in Malaysia. In addition we conduct training and workshop regularly to public and professional on various topics related crash investigation and reconstruction.  We currently have 9 crash analysts, and 5 asssitant crash analysts with various expertise in our team. To get more information on our specific members please visit