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Research Reports

MRR 196: Express Bus Drivers Attitude Towards Traffic Safety And Inappropriate Driving Behaviour

This study attempts to determine express bus drivers’ attitudes towards traffic safety and inappropriate driving behaviour while on the road. Using a quantitative method, a total of 184 express bus drivers were involved in the survey. Findings have shown that there was a relatively positive relationship between express bus drivers inappropriate driving behaviour and attitude towards traffic safety. However, the magnitude was low as other factors that have not included might have a contribution to the relationship. Bus drivers’ experience of being summonsed have shown significant different inappropriate behaviour and attitude towards safety. However, for accidents involvement, it appears only to have a significant difference in inappropriate behaviour. Which depicted that experience of having accidents does not have influence in attitude towards safety. This study concludes that special needs of behaviour modification through intervention programme dedicated to express bus drivers was important in order to reduce road fatalities.  

Keywords: inappropriate driving behaviour, attitude towards traffic safety, express bus drivers 

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