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Research Reports

MRR 201: Using Mobile Phone While Driving As A Contributing Factor To Road Crashes Among Motorist In Klang Valley: A Self-Reported Study

The use of mobile phone while driving has become one of the global issue which could contribute towards road crashes. This study was conducted to obtain data on drivers' perception and behaviour while driving and their experience of being involved in road crashes due to the use of mobile phone while driving. In total, 627 respondents were participated in this study and result found that most of the drivers use mobile phones 1-3 times within one week. Besides that, the findings showed that the drivers agreed the action of using mobile phones while driving can affect their driving behaviour and they also realised that mobile phone use while driving can harm themselves and other people. However, they still using it while driving. This can be explained through the concept of "Self-optimism bias" which states that a person with a belief in their own ability to exceed the actual capacity.

Keyword: Mobile phone, distraction, perception, behaviour, road crash experience.

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