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Research Reports

MRR 211: Effectiveness Of OPS Selamat 7/2015 An Evaluation Study

This report contains evaluation study of OPS Selamat 7/2015 effectiveness. The evaluation  was conducted  through  several  research projects  i.e. seatbelt  wearing compliance, helmet wearing compliance, vehicle speed and CRS usage. Findings of each  measured variable  were  presented  in  separate  chapters.  The  comparative trend  of  road  users’  perception  and  behavioural  changes between during  OPS Selamat and the non-OPS period was observed.  As results, it was found that OPS enforcement  activities  have a positive effect towards  helmet  wearing  compliance and CRS usage for vehicles  entering  Klang Valley. However,  seatbelt  wearing  rate decreases and the strategy of lowering the speed limit only increase the speeding noncompliance  rate.  These  findings  exhibit  that  the OPS  Selamat  7/2015  has  an effect on some elements of road users’ behaviour changes towards traffic legislation compliance.  In order to further  improve,  enforcement  should  be emphasising  to those elements that show an alarming compliance  rate. On the other hand, trend analysis for POBC among road users reveals that the level of POBC is significantly higher during OPS as compared to before and after OPS, which demonstrates  that the operation  is still relevant.  However,  the rate of POBC is still at the moderate level  over  eight years  (2008  – 2015).  Thus,  this  effort  should  be continued  with innovative   approaches   to   ensure   continual   improvement   of   the   road   users’ perception towards compliance with rules and regulation. 

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