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MRR 216: Safety Violations, Traffic Errors And Speeding As Contributing Factors In Road Crashes Among Young Motorcyclists In Klang Valley

This study uses an adapted version of the Motorcycle Riding Behaviour Questionnaire (MRBQ) as the instrument to explore Safety Violations, Traffic Errors and Speeding as contributing  factors in road crashes among young motorcyclists.  The instrument  was uploaded online  using  Google  Forms  and  made  accessible  to anyone  with  the  link. Purposive sampling was used along with the snowballing method to obtain participants within the 16 – 25-year-old age group who frequently ride motorcycles in Klang Valley. A  total of 133 respondents  participated  in this online study. The results of this study found  that  the  most  frequently  reported  construct  among young  motorcyclists  is Speeding.   However,   further   analysis   shows   that   the   most   frequently   reported behaviour  is crossing  a junction  while  the  traffic  light  is red,  which  falls  under  the Safety   Violations   construct,   as   reported   by   52.6%   of   the   young motorcyclists. Meanwhile, 42.7% of the young motorcyclists reported that they frequently exceed the speed  limit  on  the  motorway which falls  under  the  Speeding  construct.  Logistic regression   found  Traffic  Errors  (e.g.,  missing  “Give  Way”  signs  and  barely  avoid colliding  with  traffic  having  the  right  of  way)  to  be  a significant  predictor  of  crash involvement  among  young  motorcyclists.  Thus, when  Traffic  Errors  increase  by one unit,  the  odds  for  young  motorcyclists  to  involve  in  road  crash  increase  by  a  factor of 1.381. Based on the findings, it is imperative that enforcement activities be redesigned to  ensure  that  young  motorcyclists  will reduce their  behaviour  of  running  red  lights and exceeding the speed limit. 

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