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MRR 219: Identifying The Contributing Road Engineering Factors Of Crashes At Curved Road Sections In Negeri Sembilan

Road geometric design is part of highway engineering where it deals with the positioning  of the  physical  elements  of the  roadway according  to  standards  and constraints. The fundamental objective of geometric design is to produce a smooth- flowing and safe highway facility. A curved road segment is one of the major components  of  road  geometric  design.  However,  due  to  its  alignment characteristics,  this area is prone  to fatal traffic  crashes  compared  to other  road alignments. A study done in other countries revealed that curve roads had a greater risk of having fatal crashes as compared to straight roads. In Malaysia, fatal crashes on  curved  segments accounted  for  16%  of  the  total  number  of  traffic  crashes  in 2015.  Although  many  crashes  were  recorded  at  straight  roads  with more  than 10,000 incidents in 2015, the proportion of curve fatal crashes to total curve crashes is  47% while the straight  fatal crashes  to total straight  crashes  is 43%. Thus, this study  was  established  to  investigate  the  contributing  factors  to  crashes  at  the curved  road in Malaysia.  Most  crashes  that occur  at curved  road sections  are at Negeri Sembilan and Perak. Therefore, Negeri Sembilan has been chosen as a case study  for this research.  A total of 46 sections  of curved  road in Negeri  Sembilan were chosen as a study location. The study has been divided into two categories; accident-prone  area and non-accident  area. The roadway characteristics  that have been investigated are the type of curve, the radius of the curve, lane width, curve length,  super  elevation   of  the  curve,  speed  approaching   curve,  median  type, availability of roadside barrier, road marking, and availability of lighting and signage. The  findings  of  the  study concluded  that  number  of  lanes  and  pavement  road marking  are  the  underlying  factors  to  crashes  at  curve  roads.  This  result  is in agreement  with  several  studies,  which  highlighted  the  importance  of visibility  at curve roads and the driver behaviour of changing lane and speed when there are given more space, which may lead to skidding or loss of control.

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