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MRR 217: Automotive Consumerism: A Study Of Car User’s Practices & Behaviour In Klang Valley, Malaysia

This study is conducted to identify the car user’s practices and behaviour, with focus on six specific  areas:  car  ownership  profile;  travel  pattern  and  exposure;  cost  of vehicle   ownership   (CVO)   –   trip,   legal,   risk   and   aftermarket;   knowledge   and awareness  in  maintenance  and  retrofitting;  perception  and  involvement  in  road crashes; and perception on End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) initiative. As a continuation of the previous study dubbed as “the automotive  ecosystem  in Malaysia”,  this study took the Klang Valley (KV) car commuters as the representation of the above- mentioned practices and behaviour. As current data and other studies suggest that the ownership of cars in Malaysia is among the world’s highest, this study is vital to explain  the  status  quo  of  Malaysia’s  car  users’  ownership  experience  and  its relationship  with the effort to create a safe and sustainable road traffic system in the  country.  Though  this  study  is  not  intended  to  generalize  the  scenario  of automotive  consumerism  in  Malaysia  by  using  Klang  Valley  as  a  proxy,  certain findings were well within expectation (e.g. ownership profile, ownership cost), some can be used as comparison with other studies (e.g. weather studies, travel pattern and exposure),  or can be used as preliminary  findings  for future exploration  (e.g. non-work  and long-distance  travelling,  unreported  accidents).  As certain  areas  in the  current  Malaysia’s  automotive  ecosystem  are  already  in  the  transformation phase (e.g. VTA and NCAP initiatives  for safer and highly roadworthy  cars) or still under  the  discussion  and  planning  phase  (e.g.  ELV),  academia  and  researchers should  continuously  provide  useful  findings  and  propose  strategies  in  order  to create a safe and sustainable automotive ecosystem in the country.  

MRR 217: Automotive Consumerism: A Study of Car User%u2019s Practices & Behaviour in Klang Valley, Malaysia
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