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MRR 220: Awareness And Prevalence Of Vehicle Blind Spot Issues Among Lorry Drivers

All vehicles  have  blind  spots  which  include  the front,  rear  and both  sides  of the vehicle. However, as for larger vehicles such as lorries, trailers and buses, the blind spot areas or zones are much larger.  Accidents  that can be related  to blind spot areas are based on the collision type angular/side,  side swipe and squeezed.  This study was conducted to determine the prevalence of blind spot issues among rigid and small lorry drivers in Malaysia. In order to answer the objectives of this study, several types of data collection were conducted, which consisted of survey, on-site measurements  and field experiment.  The findings  of this study showed that lorry drivers perceived  that they drive more cautiously  when a motorcyclist  was riding nearby  the  lorry.  However,  in terms  of the  location  of blind  spots,  most  drivers perceived  that the rear is the blind spot area of a lorry without knowing that the front and both sides of a lorry are also blind spots. Based on the description of the previous  crashes,  there  was  a  prevalence  of  blind  spot  related  crashes  among surveyed lorry drivers and motorcyclists. Insufficient coverage of view angle and the overall field of vision were discovered, suggesting the need for additional mirrors to cover  the  blind  spot  zones.  In  addition,  the  results  of  the  computer-based  test indicate that there is an effect of the side from which motorcyclists are overtaking the lorries on the response times, which could suggest the effect of blind spot areas on  the  ability  to  detect  the  smaller  vehicle.  The  findings  of  this  study  can  be  a benchmark for future studies involving other classes of heavy vehicle

MRR 220: Awareness and Prevalence of Vehicle Blind Spot Issues among Lorry Drivers
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