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MRR 225: Roadworthiness Of Malaysian Taxi With Periodical Technical Inspection

This study reviews  the current  situation  of taxis roadworthiness  inspection  resulting from  the  Periodic  Technical  Inspection  (PTI)  conducted  by  PUSPAKOM.  This  is  in pursuant to a directive from Ministry of Transport on taxi issues, which proposed the possibility of reducing the frequencies for periodical inspection at Periodical Technical Inspection  (PTI)  for  taxis.  The  objectives  of  this  study  are  to  analyse  the  current situation of PTI focusing only on taxis, to explore the potential to reduce the inspection term for taxis and finally to recommend the best solution. 
The data was obtained from PUSPAKOM and the dataset only involved taxis which had been   sent   to   PUSPAKOM   for   roadworthiness   inspection   which   includes   initial inspection and periodic inspection. The majority of the taxis are EA type (Perkhidmatan Awam Teksi) with about 60% of the overall of the taxi population.  
Using  logistic  regression  analysis,  the  probability  of  failure  of  PTI  by  the  taxi  was developed. The results indicate that with the existing periodic technical inspection for roadworthiness, the probability of an EA type taxi to have failed the periodic inspection (PTI) reaches 50% after Year-2 before Year-3. Moreover, for a well-maintained EA type taxi which had never failed before, the probability of it to fail in the coming inspection would reach 50% in Year-5. 

Based  on  the  analysis  result  and  from  the  statistical  probability  model  developed,  the following recommendations are proposed:  
  1. To  maintain  the  existing  practice  for  the  first  two  years  with  annual  periodic technical inspection;  
  2. Subsequent  PTI  depends  on  how  well  the  roadworthiness  condition  of  the vehicle with a possibility of extending the annual PTI up to five years;  
  3. PTI for after Year-5 will be twice a year (every six months);  
  4. If  a  vehicle  has  failed  in  any  of  the  first  two  years  or  subsequent  annual inspections,  then  the  subsequent  PTI  after  Year-2  will  be every  six months.

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