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MRR 221: Risk Of Fatal Motorcyclist Road Crash In Federal Road

Each  year,  the  number  of registered  motorcycles  continues  to grow  rapidly,  and each year at least 1% of them get involved in road accidents.  Out of the 1% of a motorcycle  involved  in  road  accidents,  more  than  10,000  riders  and  pillions  are injured  and  killed  every  year.  Recent  statistics  (2013)  indicate  the  number  of casualties is at least 8,000 including fatal cases in Malaysia. A motorcyclist is more at risk of being killed or injured in a road crashes than any other type of vehicle used. The risk depends on factors such as the rider’s age, sex, type of road, characteristic of the motorcycle and experience. When detailed out to a fatal crash involving motorcycle  by road  category,  crash  occurrence  highest  on State  Road  (34%)  and Federal Road denoted only by 29%. However, this research needs to be conducted since Federal Road was the longest road in Malaysia.  
The aim of this study was to determine the risk of motorcycle crashes occurrences at selected  federal  roads.  In addition,  this study  was an extension  from the past study which aims to determine the vehicle speed approaching posted speed sign on the federal road in Negeri Sembilan. Therefore, this study was conducted at Negeri Sembilan  which  identified  from  Buku  Daftar  Jalan,  Jabatan  Kerja  Raya  as among state which the sixth largest federal road after Pahang, Johor, Perak, Sabah and Sarawak. Thus the distribution of motorcycle fatalities along study was being plotted using ArcGIS based on road crash location information (i.e.: road kilometre number or coordinate),  which  obtained  from police  road crashes  form known  as POL 27. While  road  attribute  such  as  area  and  roadway  categories  were  identified  and segmentized manually during on-site data collection. 
Based on crashes recorded by RPM, even the motorcyclist casualties show lower in Negeri  Sembilan  but  the  number  of  crashes  shows  increasing  year  by  year.  A  total 465.94  km  federal  road  network  was  covered  in  this  study.  Crash  data  related  to road  category  was  computed  using  crash  data  provided  by  Royal  Malaysian  Police (RMP). Based on data obtained from RMP, from the year 2009 to 2013 total 5,665 road crash occur at study area (including damage only). Out of this number 1,727 cases  were  involved  motorcycle.  In  terms  of  the  motorcyclist  (rider  and  pillion) involved  in the road  crash,  result  show  2,084  with  137  deaths.  Even  though  the number contribute  1% of a total motorcycle  crash in Malaysia,  this study needed due  to  police  reported  over  50%  of  motorcycle  death  occur  at  the  federal  and municipal road and also in the rural area (RMP, 2013). Highest fatalities (74%) also reported at the road with two-way traffic system and the dual carriageway denoted only  by  6%.  Two-way  traffic  system  has  a  closed  relation  with  speeding  and overtaking road offence. 
Furthermore, the risk of motorcycle fatal crashes was computed by using a formula as stated.  To calculate  the risk, each federal road was divided  into a few section based  on  area  and  roadway  type.  Each  section  gave  the  different  value  of  risk whereas  also  gave  small  crash  risk.  The  risk  of  motorcycle   fatal  crashes  has calculated  per  million  vehicles.  The  results  show  the  risk  of  a  motorcycle  fatal crashes per million vehicles approaching single carriageway (433.97 km) were 1.74 times higher than crashes on dual carriageway (29.34 km). Meanwhile, the risk of a motorcycle  fatal crashes per million vehicles approaching  the rural area (377.54.2 km)  is  3.57  times  higher  than  crashes  in  the  suburban  area  (35.12  km).  These differences were found significant. In term of age and gender, age group 11 to 30 and male was a higher group involved in motorcycle crashes. 

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