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Research Reports

MRR 222: Vehicle Kilometre Travelled Validation Study

Motorcyclist and car occupants contributed about 83% of overall road traffic deaths in this country.  Hence, the government  of Malaysia is determined  to lower down this  figure.  In 2006,  the  first  Road  Safety  Plan  of Malaysia  2006-2010  had  listed three (3) goals to be achieved. The goals are using the common indicator to evaluate or assess  the  safety  performance  of each  country.  One  of the  indicators  is road deaths per billion vehicle kilometre  travelled.  Thus, there is a need to ensure the vehicle kilometre travelled value is accurate, reliable and represents Malaysia. This study  aims  to  validate  the  Vehicle  Kilometre  Travelled  (VKT)  value  for  private vehicles.  Questionnaire  survey  using  a  face-to-face  interview  or  self-completion survey   has  been  chosen   as  the  method   of  data  collection.   This  study   used convenient sampling as a method of data sampling. This study involves only private vehicles   (Motorcycle,   car,   MPV,   SUV  and  van)   users.   This   study   also  covers Peninsular Malaysia only. The findings of this study show that there are differences in  travelled  distance  for  a  motorcycle  and  car.  The  Average  Annual  Kilometre Travelled   (AAKT)  for  motorcycle   is  21,495   kilometres   while  for  car  is  28,184 kilometres.  As regards  to demographic  groups,  different  groups travel differently. On the validation part, the results show that both methods (survey and secondary data)  indicate  that  the  Relative  Standard  Error  (RSE)  value  is  less  than  25%  which
means that the data is considered reliable to use.

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