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Research Reports

MRR 228: Evaluation Of Midblock Crossing: Effect On Pedestrian And Vehicular Traffic

Signalised  midblock  crossings  provide  safe crossing  duration  to a pedestrian  on a straight road. However, they are still exposed to danger when both pedestrians and vehicles violate the red signal indication and crosswalk. In this study, the violation behaviour   of  pedestrian   and  vehicular   traffic   was  examined   at  six  signalised midblock crossings using manual and video observations.  Results indicate that the temporal  violation  of  pedestrians   is  high  at  midblock  with  a  high  volume  of pedestrians.  High utilisation  of midblock  can be expected  when vegetation  fence installed   on   the   median.   Comparing   different   type   of   vehicles,   motorcyclist constitutes the highest percentage of blocking crosswalk and running a red light at midblock crossings.

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