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MRR 229: Vehicles Speed Characteristics Approaching Road Work Zones In Urban Expressway

Work  zone  is  the  area  that  involved  with  a  construction  activity  on  or  within  the working traffic. During this activity, a careful design work zone control by a certified traffic consultant  is compulsory.  It is important  to remember  that whenever  work is done  on or near  the roadway,  drivers  are faced with  unexpected  traffic  conditions. Work  zone  on the  highway  system  interrupt  regular  traffic  flows  and  create  safety problems. These changes may be hazardous for drivers, workers, and pedestrians. The study objectives are to examined speed characteristics and driver compliance with the temporary  posted speed limit approaching  work zones at the expressway.  Speed for passenger  car,  motorcycles  and  heavy  vehicles  were  collected  at  different  traffic control  zone  which  are  divided  into  Advance  Warning  Area  1  (AWA  1),  Advance Warning Area 2 (AWA 2) and Work Area (WA). Statistical analysis using t-test and chi- square test to determine the relationship of compliance to the speed limit with respect to factors such as location, traffic control zone and displayed temporary posted speed limit were performed. Higher mean and 85th percentile speeds compared to the temporary  posted  speed  limit  are  observed  at  all  study  locations.  The  different  of mean  speed  is  statistically  significant  which  more  than  60%  of  road  user  travelled higher than the speed limit, especially at the AWA 2 and WA. Passenger cars and motorcycles recorded the highest non-compliance rate compared to the heavy vehicle that need to slow down due to their large dimension  in order to merge with other traffic thus contribute to the high speed compliancy rate especially at that AWA 2. By displaying   temporary   speed   limit   lower   than   60  km/h,   it  will   exhibit   a  higher percentage of incompliance. It reflects that the speed management through the use of static speed limit sign is less effective to slow down vehicles. Thus, the implementation of alternative methods such as Variable Advisory Speed Limit, Dynamic Message Signs, Speed Monitor Display, Emergency  Flasher Traffic Control Device and other available technology  can  be  considered  as  research  have  proved  it  have  significant  effect  to
reduce speed at works zones.

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