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Research Reports

MRR 232: An Evaluation Of Motorcycle Facilities: Utilisation And User Satisfaction On EMCL And NEMCL In Malaysia

The highest fatality involved motorcycle accident in Malaysia which encompasses to 60%  from  the  overall  numbers.  Various  initiatives were  taken  to  decrease  the numbers to 50% by the year 2020. The initiatives include the road engineering programme — the provision of Exclusive Motorcycle Lane (EMCL) and Non-Exclusive Motorcycle  Lane (NEMCL).  These programmes  have started in the early seventies and  were  claimed  as  the  first  type  of  facilities  introduced  in  the  world.  The utilisation  issues can be part of the challenges  in providing these facilities besides motorists’ satisfaction and the availability of data that can support further research involving motorcyclists, especially at motorcycle lane facilities. Therefore the aim of this study is to develop a systematic  database for motorcycle  facility by providing information such as public utilisation, satisfaction and Level of Safety (LOS) on the existing motorcycle facilities provided in Malaysia. To achieve the aim, the following objectives are designed a) To identify the rate of MCL facilities utilisation and misuse b)  To determine   the  motorcycle   speed   apply   at  motorcycle   lanes  and  main carriageway  c)  To  assess  the  current  road  engineering and  environmental  safety concern using MeTRA d) To determine  motorcyclist  satisfaction  index for EMCL & NEMCL  and e) To identify  the determinants  of influencing  motorcyclist  choice  in using  EMCL  & NEMCL.  Engineering  studies  were  conducted,  and  a questionnaire related  to  satisfaction  was  distributed  via  face-to-face  interview  and  an  online survey. Motorist Satisfaction Index (MSI) was rated using a Likert scale for seven (7) attributes   including   the   provision   of   signage,   lighting,   guardrail,   paved   lane, accessibility, security and cleanliness. The same attributes were also assessed during Road Safety Assessment. The findings were provided at the end of this report that will  be  very  useful  to  road  authorities  in  Malaysia  and  lesson  learned  to  other countries.

Keyword:     Motorcycle     accident,     Exclusive     Motorcycle     Lane,    Non-Exclusive Motorcycle Lane, utilisation, Motorist Satisfaction Index

MRR 232 An Evaluation of Motorcycle Facilities Utilisation and User Satisfaction on EMCL and NEMCL in Malaysia.pdf
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