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Research Reports

MRR 233: Development Of Electronic Guidebook For Traffic And Road Safety Audit E-MeTRA

This report highlights  the development  of the Project “Development  of Electronic Guidebook for Traffic & Road Safety Audit (e-MeTRA)”. Section 1.0 explains the introduction  and Standard  Operating  Procedure  (SOP) of Road Safety Assessment (RSA) carried out in MIROS. Due to the difficulties and constraint faces at site, researchers  have embarked  on developing  a system  aim to facilitate  Road Safety Assessment Operations by development of an electronic system for data collection and analysis, to store, manage, and analyse road safety assessment data collected by road safety assessment team and also to create an electronic tool for RSA data collection on-site. A literature review regarding various database of RSA from other countries  is  explained  in  Section  2.0.  The  countries  are  New  Zealand,  Australia, United Kingdom and the United States. In New Zealand, formal assessment of the safety of existing road corridors has been developed by the Safety Audits of Existing Roads (SAER). The monitoring  system is developed  using the Microsoft  Access 97 database.  As for Australia,  Road Safety  Engineering  Toolkit  is used to assist  road safety practitioners to carry out road safety audits. It guides users through the Australian Road Safety process (feasibility, preliminary design, detail design, pre- opening  stage,  road work  traffic  and existing  roads).  In the United  Kingdom,  the County Surveyors Society and Highways Agency (MOLASSES) owned a database that stores information on safety schemes installed on local and trunk roads across Great Britain. Lastly, in the United States, a tracking consists of information on each audit, which  includes  the  RSA  Project,  Observation,  Intersection,   Section,  Suggestion, Agency Response, Contact, Completion Date, Checklist, Detailed Observation, Short Terms Suggestion and Long Term Suggestion has been developing. Section 3.0 elaborates on the methodology/development  of the system. The development comprises of User Requirement Study, User Interface (UI) Design, Database Design, On-Site  Entry  Module,  Data  Analysis  Module  and  also  Google  Map  Module.  A  case study as reported in Section 4.0. The application of the system is in a selected study i.e.  KM330  Jalan  Raub–Lipis.   The  case  study  was  ‘A  Road  Safety  Assessment Operation  Carried  Out On-Site’  by Road Engineering  and Environmental  Research Assessment Team. For the purpose of this report, only on general information and road  surface  were  discussed.  Finally,  Section  5.0  contains  the  conclusion  of  the study. The study will aid in the formulation  of effective  road safety research  and interventions   thus   providing   a  more   promising   result   in  reducing   both   road accidents,  and  fatalities  should  include  the  system  able  to  provide  evidence  on common deficiencies and type of crash associated with it.

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