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Research Reports

MRR 237: Hazard Profiling Of Courier Riders’ Delivery Route

Courier  and postal  delivery  workers  are among  the high-risk  group  on Malaysian roads due to their higher on-road exposure. The past decade has seen an increasing trend in number of road crashes involving courier and postal delivery workers. The fact   that   majority   of  these   workers   use  a  motorcycle   for  delivery   purposes compounds the risk of crash involvement.  This study aimed to determine types of hazards facing courier riders on the road by recording the riding scenarios on their actual delivery route. Researchers  used a digital camera and a hands-free  camera harness to hold the camera at the chest level to record the riding scenarios.  This study  has  found  that  road  users  including  the  participants  themselves  were  the most dangerous  category  of hazards  facing courier  riders on their delivery  route. Considering  both  road  user  and  non-road  user  related  hazards,  the  five  most prevalent  categories  of  hazards  were  attributed  to  other  motorists,  participants’ riding behaviours, behaviours of pedestrians or cyclists, road surface issues and obstruction  of  view.  The  findings  also  show  that  encroachment  of  participants’ riding  path,  participants’  unsafe  lane filtering  and jaywalking  pedestrians  are the most   frequent   cause   of   critical   incidents   that   resulted   in   near   misses.   The classification   of  hazards   and  risk  assessment   presented   in  this  study  can  be beneficial for operation management and rider training consideration.

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