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Research Reports

MRR 242: The Pattern Of Wearing High Visibility Windbreaker Among Motorcyclists Using The Awareness Approach

The  main  aim  of  this  study  is  to  compare  the  pattern  of  wearing  rate  of  High Visibility   Windbreakers   (HVWB)   among   motorcyclists   by   using   the   awareness approach, which is an intervention program designed specifically for motorcyclists. Two organizations  were selected  and given  two types  of approach  – Approach  1 consisted  of  the  intervention  program  and  the  distribution  of  HVWB  whereas Approach  2 consisted  of the distribution  of HVWB only. Baseline observation  was conducted prior to the implementation of both approaches to collect baseline data on the pattern  of wearing  HVWB among the motorcyclists  at both organizations. The observation was again conducted after the implementation of both approaches and the results found that there was a significant increase in wearing rate of HVWB among motorcyclists who received road safety intervention compared to the motorcyclists  who did not receive any road safety intervention.  Result also found that motorcyclists  who exposed to the road safety intervention  programme  wore HVWB,  5.71  times  more  than  motorcyclists  who  do  not  expose  to  any  mod  of intervention programme.  

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