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MRR 243: A Study On Commercial Vehicle Speed And Its Operational Characteristics

A commercial vehicle is the backbone of the logistics industry which drives a vibrant economy of a country. Nevertheless,  commercial or heavy vehicle-related  accident is  drawing  serious  attention.  In  2014  alone,  a  total  of  57,430  road  accidents involving  lorry,  bus,  and taxi  was  recorded  (Kementerian  Pengangkutan  Malaysia, 2014). The height, weight and width dimension of the commercial vehicles reduce the   visibility   of  other   drivers   and   thereby   increase   the   risk   of  an  accident. Furthermore,  due to the evolution  of technology,  larger trucks are now equipped with higher horsepower where a lot of speeding-related accidents were reported. 
This  study  is set  to evaluate  the  speed  profile  for  different  types  of commercial vehicles at different road hierarchy. The speed profiles are of very useful in assisting the  authority  in  road  and  infrastructure  design.  For  instance,  appropriate  traffic calming  measures  can be  deployed  based  on  the  speed  profiles  on  the  specific roads.  
A  total  of  7168  commercial  vehicles  were  observed  on  the  four  types  of  roads. Nearly  50%  of  them  were  collected  on  primary roads.  About  one-third  of  the samples were light lorry with two axles while two axles heavy lorry constituted 16%. The  results  indicate that in  general  most  of  the  heavy  vehicles  (4.39%–98.61%) travelled fast and did not comply with the speed limits posted on different types of road hierarchy. The lower the posted speed limit the higher the percentage of non- compliance  rates  which  means  that  the  compliance increase  as  the  speed  limit increase. Majority of the commercial vehicles (28%–57%) occupied the middle lanes and  those  smaller  sizes of  vehicles  (as  compared  to  other  sizes  of  commercial vehicles) had more tendencies to travel on the fast lane.

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