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MRR 240: Compilation Study Conducted During OPS Hari Raya Aidilfitri Period 2016

The  OPS  Hari  Raya  Aidilfitri  2016  conducted  is  an  annual  integrated  event  to increase  awareness  and enhance  compliance  with  traffic  regulations  among  road users. The interventions include increased enforcement, speed reduction on certain roads,   banning   of   heavy   vehicles   and   increase   the   dosage   of   road   safety information.  
The   dosage   of  road   safety   information   shows   an   increasing   the   percent   of information  on road safety during the OPS period compared  to before OPS. Road users were also more exposed towards news and information on road safety during OPS compared  to before  OPS. Social media shows the top source  of information compared to traditional media (television, radio and newspaper).  
In relation towards enforcement, several studies are conducted which includes compliance to helmet wearing among motorcyclist, compliance to seatbelt wearing among drivers and vehicle passengers, perception towards enforcement and usage of child restraint system in travelling vehicles. From the observation  conducted to measure the compliance rate of helmet wearing, it shows that more riders wear a helmet during the enforcement period. Proper wearing rate (proper strapping when using a helmet) is also seen during the OPS period.  
As for compliance to seatbelt wearing, the study shows that front passengers and rear passengers are respectively 0.930 and 0.641 times less likely to wear a seatbelt during  OPS  than  after  OPS.  As  an  overall,  seatbelt  wearing  rate  for  all  type  of occupants increased after OPS compared to during OPS. The comparison of wearing rate  between  these  OPS  with  the  previous  OPS  revealed  that  the  wearing  rate among drivers and front passengers  increased  while the rear passengers’  wearing rate decreased for these OPS.

The perception study towards enforcement is a continuation of previous studies on perception  towards  traffic  enforcement  conducted  before  and  during  Hari  Raya Aidilfitri 2016. The results revealed that more people perceived that they were likely to get summoned for committing most of the traffic offences during OPS compared to before OPS. Visibility of enforcement activity was also higher in the period during OPS than before.
Although Malaysia has not regulated any law on the use of child restraint  system (CRS) in travelling vehicles, the study is conducted to determine CRS usage among children 0 to 12 years old while travelling  in vehicles before and during OPS Hari Raya 2016. The overall use of CRS is extremely low before and during the period of OPS.
Another strategy conducted is to manage the speed of road users along the federal and state roads throughout Malaysia by a 10 km/h reduction of the posted speed limit. However, operating speeds at 85th percentile  revealed and overall speed of more than 90 km/h during OPS despite recording a reduction in the 85th percentile speed. In contrast, the speed limit compliance is higher before OPS than during OPS, which can be contributed to the lowering of the speed limit by 10 km/h during OPS period.
In terms of traffic volume on the road, trip origin Home is higher on Saturday and Monday before Hari Raya Aidilfitri whereas trip origin from hometown was high on Friday,  Saturday  and Sunday  after Hari Raya Aidilfitri.  Although  banning  of heavy vehicles is enforced during the OPS period, the traffic volume is still present.

MRR 240 Compilation Study Conducted during OPS Hari Raya Aidiltri Period 2016
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