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Research Reports

MRR 214: Establishing Baseline For The 2017 Revised Road Safety Education Module For Primary School Through Context, Input, Process And Product (CIPP) Model

Road  Safety  Education   in  Malaysia   as  a  part  of  formal  curriculum   has  been implemented  in  stages  since  10  years  ago.  In  2015,  Malaysian  Institute  of  Road Safety  Research  (MIROS)  has  conducted  a  study  on  Review  of  RSE  Module  for Primary and Secondary School. The findings of the study have initiated Road Safety Department Malaysia (RSD) to propose for an allocation to revise and redevelop the RSE Module.  MIROS  was given the honor to carry out the project  of Review  and Redevelopment  of RSE Module for Primary and Secondary schools besides develop the teachers’ guide on RSE for the nursery and pre-schools using the allocation given to RSD. The final manuscript  of the revised RSE module for primary students was produced and used in the 24 primary schools selected for pilot study.  

(FA)_MRR No 214_Establishing Baseline for the 2017 Revised RSE Module for Primary School Through CIPP Model_V6_210617.pdf
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