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Research Reports

MRR 246: Speed Study And Behaviour Observation Of Motorcyclists Along Malaysian Roads

This research uses data from observations  of 8,277 motorcyclists  at various types of roads  of the  road  hierarchy  in Malaysia  in 2015,  to  investigate  the  effects  of road characteristics, motorcyclists’ riding behaviour, motorcyclists’ and motorcycles’ characteristics  on the occurrence  of riding with excessive  speed.  For data collection and analysis, new software, MECHROM was developed. The speed analysis shows that motorcyclists go faster than other vehicles along three-lane dual carriageway primary and  four-lane  dual  carriageway  collector  roads.  In  general,  42.2%  of  the  observed motorcycles exceed the speed limit while 28.6% of them go beyond the 85th percentile of the traffic speed. 80% of the motorcyclists  only ride on the road shoulder on two dual  carriageway  roads  with  a  paved  shoulder,  while  on  roads  without  a  paved shoulder,  more than 90% of motorcyclists  were observed  riding in the slow lane or near the edge of the road. Motorcyclists often ride in front of another vehicle (21.1% - 31.3%)  regardless  of  the  type  of  road.  In  determining  the  factors  associated  with motorcyclists riding with excessive speed, a mixed effect logistic regression model was produced, with three levels statistically significant random effect parameters. The fixed parameter factors are primary road, roads with no shoulder, motorcycles with engine capacity  of more than 150 cc, not overloading  motorcycle,  bright motorcycles,  male rider,  wear  helmet  and  shoes,  riding  in  the  middle  of  the  lane  or  shoulder,  lane splitting  and  weaving  between  vehicles.  The  random  parameters   show  that  the majority  of variation  in the outcomes  occurs at Level 1, which is the riders (56.5%), while 12.2% for the type of motorcycle at Level 2, and 31.2% for the locations at Level 3. The variations indicated that the motorcyclist’s characteristics and riding behaviours are still important and there more yet to be identified that are influencing the outcome of  riding  at  excessive  speed  while  the  type  of  motorcycle   clearly  indicates  that motorcyclists may ride with excessive speed regardless of the type of motorcycle. 

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