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Research Reports

MRR 248: Vehicle Age And Crash Severity

 The number of passenger vehicles involved in crashes has been on the rise, in line with  the  growth  of  passenger  car  in  the  market.  More  than  10  million  cars registered  in a year and 367,183  involved  in road crashes  in the year 2011.  This report provides an overview of passenger vehicles scenarios based on vehicles age in  Malaysia,  analysis  of  the  relations  between  vehicle  age  and  crash  severity  in Malaysia and impact of vehicle made on crash severity. Vehicle data were obtained from  the  Road  Transport  Department  for  the  year  2012  while  crash  data  were obtained  from the Royal Malaysian  Police  for the same period.  Results  from this study shows that 64% of the passenger vehicles on the road were aged between 1-10 years old. Fatal crashes show that vehicles age group between 0-2 years old have the  highest  percentages  as  compared  to  other  vehicle  age  group.  However,  when comparing the relative risk of fatal crashes between two (2) groups of vehicles aged 0-2  and  vehicles  aged  15-29,  the  group  for  vehicles  aged  0-2  have  a  lower  risk  by 55%.  Findings   from  this  study  show  that  although   newer  vehicles   have  high percentages  in crashes as compared  to older vehicles,  the risk for fatal crashes is relatively higher for older vehicles.
Keywords: vehicle age, accident severity, age limit, passenger vehicle 

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