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Research Reports

MRR 251: Age And Contributing Factors Of Unlicensed Motorcycling Behaviour Among School Students In Hulu Langat District

This  study  was  undertaken  following  the  Road  Accident  Issues  Meeting  on  21  April 2016   organised   by  Bahagian   Pengurusan   Sekolah   Harian  (BPSH),   Ministry   of Education (MOE) Malaysia. BPSH reported that 117,268 (68%) of students who ride motorcycles  to schools were unlicensed  in first quarter 2016. A preliminary  study through the quantitative approach in the form of surveys has been conducted in the district  of  Hulu  Langat,  Selangor  involving  eight  (8)  schools  in  September  –  October 2016   among   405   students.   The   objectives   of   the   study   were   to   identify   the unlicensed   students  in  secondary   schools;  the  initial  age  of  unlicensed   riding experience, the reasons for frequent and infrequent riding behaviour; and examine the factors that contribute to the behaviour of unlicensed riding experience among the  students.  A questionnaire  containing  15  items  was  developed  from  previous studies as the research instrument in order to achieve the objectives of the study. The  findings  show  that  majority  of  students  (94.3%)  had  experience  riding  a motorcycle without license and 66.7% of them were unlicensed during the survey. More than half of students (60.3%) reported that they began to ride a motorcycle without a license at the age between 13 to 15 years old. For those who frequently ride, 'for convenience'  was the most important reason they rode (47.1%) followed by 'easy to move' (25.9%). Five (5) factors proved significantly (p <0.01) associated to the behaviour  of unlicensed  riding  among  the students:  age, gender,  parental attitudes, the owner of the motorcycle, and the frequency of riding motorcycle six (6)  months  ago.  In  conclusion,  these  findings  are  consistent  with  the  students’ licensing data by BPSH and parental attitudes play an important role in this issue.

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