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Research Reports

MRR 254: Measuring Road Surface Deciencies Utilizing Motorcycle-Mounted App € System Development And Tests

Motorcycles are the riskiest mode of travel in Malaysia, but on the other side of it, motorcycles  are also very sensitive to the road condition and traffic environment. Thus, by taking advantage of this characteristic,  mobile and web-based application software to analyse motorcycle motion data gathered from the mobile app and to map out hazardous road sections for motorcycles  has been developed and tested. Fifteen motorcycle riders using the developed system, called ROCOM passed along a test route containing eight (8) obstacles to register road surface deficiencies such as bumps,  cavities,  potholes  and  a  fixed  object.  The  pilot  test  results  showed  that mounting the smartphone on the motorcycle handlebar with the ROCOM activated had the highest success rate of detecting the obstacles compared to the other ways of  mounting  the  smartphone.  Results  from  the  test  experiments  indicated  that ROCOM is able to detect various obstacles with the average of successful detection rate  of  61.9%,  while  detection  rate  of  80%  when  passing  through  uneven  road surfaces.  However,  further  tests  are  needed  for  more  accurate  detection  of  the location  of the surface deficiencies  using high accuracy  Global Positioning  System data.
Keywords:  road surface condition monitoring, mobile phone app, motorcycle

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