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Safer Roads & Mobility

Relationship Between Land Use Operation Hour And Time Of Road Crashes

Different types of land use activities operate in different time. It was found  that Town Planning Department (JPBD) has 13 groups of land use compared to only seven by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM). From 2007 to 2011, the highest number of road crashes occurred at others areas followed by residential and office areas. Thus, this study referred to location of crash information and re-identify the land use during on-site observation and interview. A total of 846 locations of fatal and serious injury road crashes in Selangor were observed and land use types, operational hours, number of lanes and types of carriageway identified on site were tabulated. This land  use was regrouped based on JPBD land use classification. Different types of land use and road characteristics may contribute to different trends of fatal and serious injury road crashes. Observations have found that 86.41% of fatal and serious road crashes occur during land use operationhours. From this number, residential and business, and services areas contribute 26% followed by 23% occurring in transportation areas such as expressway, bus terminal and many others. Results also show, from the total fatal and serious injury road crashes occurring during land use operations hour, 29.79%  occurred  along  double  lanes  with dual carriageway, followed by 21.87%  along double lanes with single carriageway while14.30% on single lane with single carriageway.