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Road Safety Management

Evaluation Of Taxi Driver Performance Using MIROS Instrumented Car For SPAD Land Public Transport Award 2013

MIROS was invited by Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) to be a collaborative partner for the Land Public Transport Award 2013 for the best taxi driver category. The aim is to assess taxi driver’s performance based on defensive driving and distraction assessment using MIROS instrumented car. Evaluation was carried out at Metro Driving Academy, Puchong on 19 November 2013. A standard driving test track complete with signalized junctions, non- signalized  junctions, hill slope and several others was used to assess the contestants’ driving performance. The  total distance  used on the track for the assessment was about 3.5 km. Each contestant was given 20 minutes to complete both the defensive driving and distraction assessment. Such an evaluation paved the way for the development of ‘Guideline of Driver Performance Evaluation using MIROS Instrumented Car’. The guideline is to provide an essential method and may apply for any government agency, public and commercial transport fleet operator and relevant organization to assess the performance of respective drivers in terms of defensive driving and distraction assessment and to continually improve their drivers’ competency and services.