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Safer Vehicles

Study On Rear-End Marker In Real World Crash

Each year about 400,000 trucks are involved in motor vehicle crashes. Eighteen percent of these trucks involved in rear-end crashes. Various factors can affect the risk and result of rear-end crashes. Consequently, the road vehicles lighting regulation will attempt to address this problem by requiring certain classes of large vehicles to be fitted with rear–end marker to improve conspicuity. Besides that, UNECE Regulation 104 (R104) provides a technical specification for high quality rearend marker. This project focused on evaluating the current situation of heavy vehicles’ rear–end marker in Malaysia. For this project, there are two types of data collection which include data from crash investigation as well as from observations at PUSPAKOM inspection centres and Sungai Buloh R&R. Furthermore, for data collection, more focus was on the component of the rear-end marker itself for the variables such as dimension, colour and location including demographic for the crash investigation data. Evidently, the current situation on the usage of heavy vehicles’ rear-end marker in Malaysia is still at moderate level.