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Safer Vehicles

Seatbelt Wearing In Passenger Vehicles With Safety Seatbelt Reminders (SBR) In Klang Valley

Despite its effectiveness in increasing seatbelt use, limited studies have been conducted to understand the influence of Seatbelt  Reminder (SBR) system on seatbelt usage among car occupants, particularly drivers in Malaysia. With car manufacturers for local markets making an effort to provide SBR in their cars (though  not comprehensively), it is best if the effectiveness of SBR system on increasing compliance rate could be evaluated for Malaysian car users. The  general aim  of the study is to evaluate if the presence of the technology, in this case, the SBR, would increase occupant’s seatbelt wearing rate in passenger vehicles. In addition, the study was conducted to determine the public’s practice, awareness, believe of usefulness and acceptance towards seatbelt and SBR. Field observation and survey in selected areas in Klang Valley were performed in order to achieve these objectives. The results indicate effectiveness of the SBR system in increasing seatbelt wearing. The findings from this study could encourage more car manufacturers to equip their cars with the system and at the same time, it is hoped seatbelt use would increase, hence benefiting the national road safety agenda.