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No Research Title Action
1 Contributing Factor that affect Travel Pattern and Traffic Volume View
2 The Impact of Waiting Time towards Pedestrian at Signalized Intersection View
3 Risk of Road Crashes at 3-legged Intersection View
4 Identify Risk of Motorcycle Fatal Accident at Federal Road in Negeri Sembilan View
5 Estimating Real-time Traffic Volume using Google Traffic Data View
6 Automated Enforcement System for Red Light Running: A Review after Two Years of Implementation View
7 Spatial Multiple Criteria Evaluation of Integrated Planning For Public Transport and Land Use Development Study in Mukim Kajang, Selangor View
8 Feasibility of Variable Speed Limit (VSL) System on Adverse Weather Condition in Malaysian Expressway View
9 Modelling of Traffic Accident Risk on Putrajaya Network View
10 Evaluation of Non-exclusive Motorcycle Lane (NEMCL) in Malaysia: Relationship Between Speed and Straight Road Geometry View
11 Validation of the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) Star Rating Model View
12 The Effectiveness of The Road Safety Interventions Through Community Based Programmes in Precint 8, Putrajaya View
13 Modeling the Relationship between Motorcycle Accidents and Land Use View
14 Evaluation of Non-Exclusive Motorcycle Lanes in Malaysia: Relationship between Speed and Straight Roads View
15 Effect of Improvement in Traffic Lights Design at Intersections on Traffic Light Compliance and Conflict Probability View
16 Exposure and Risks While Commuting For Work: Case Study among SOCSO Contributors View
17 Effectiveness of Ops Bersepadu Chinese New Year 2011 (Vehicle Speed Analysis) View
18 Measuring Riding Level of Advanced Riders When Turning Right at Non-Signalled Intersections View
19 Evaluation of Non-exclusive Motorcycle Lane (NEMCL) in Malaysia: Relationship Between Speed and Straight Road Geometry View
20 Bus Users’ Exposure : A Case Study on Bus Express Transit (BET) View
21 Modelling the Relationship between Motorcycle Accident and Land Use - View
22 Safety Performance Evaluation of Egress and Ingress of Exclusive Motorcycle Lane at Federal Road, F002 using Traffic Conflict Technique View
23 Measuring the Riding Performance of Experienced Motorcyclists in Unprotected Right Turns View
24 Evaluation of Traffic Calming Scheme in the Vicinity of Schools in Malaysia View
25 WRRAPP Phase 1 – A Preliminary Study on the Effects of Weather on Road Accidents View
26 Assessment of Crash Barrier and Road Sides Hazard along Malaysian Expressway View
27 Evaluation of Non-Exclusive Motorcycle Lane: Development of Motorcycle Crash Risk Index for Federal Roads View
28 Relationship between Land Use Operation Hour and Time of Road Crashes View
29 The Effectiveness of Red Light Cameras in Reducing Red Light Running Violations in Malaysia View
30 Vehicle Speeds at Intersection Approaches: Hulu Langat Case Study View
31 The Effectiveness of Ops Bersepadu During Hari Raya Aidilfitri Period 2010: A Study on Klang Valley Residents who Travelled during Hari Raya Aidilfitri Period View
32 Safety Effects of Traffic Signal Optimisation on Red Light Running and Potential Vehicle Conflict at Signalised Intersection View
33 Effects of Central Hatching: An Analysis on Vehicle Speed, Vehicle Lateral Placement and Overtaking Manoeuvres View
34 Development of Pedestrian Crash Prediction Model on Municipal Road in Selangor, Malaysia View
35 Development of Safe Motorcycle Lane Geometric Design Using Naturalistic Data Collection Approach View
36 Evaluation of Traffic Calming Scheme around the Vicinity of Schools in Malaysia View
37 Measuring Attention and Performance in Simulated Road Traffic Environments Using Detection Response Task Method View
38 Modeling the Relationship Between Motorcycle Accidents and Land Use View
39 International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) – Malaysian Pilot Study View
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