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Professor Dr. Wong Shaw Voon is currently a Full Professor in the Department of Mechanical &  Manufacturing Engineering, University Putra Malaysia. He has been serving the department and the University since 1997, starting as Tutor, then Lecturer in 2000,  Associate Professor in 2004 and Full Professor in 2011. During his service, Professor  Wong was seconded to Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), a Statutory Body in Malaysia (with MIROS Act 2012) and a national research institute in  Malaysia in December 2007 as the Director of Vehicle Safety and Biomechanics  Research Centre. He was then appointed as the Director-General of MIROS in August  2011. His 10-year secondment ended in September 2017 and is currently appointed to serve the MIROS Board of Directors. Professor Wong is also appointed as an Adjunct Professor of Qatar University. He served as the Special Advisor on Road Safety to the  Minister of Transport and Communications Myanmar.

Professor Wong has driven the drafting, deliberation and enactment of MIROS Act 2012 by the Parliament of Malaysia. He is also directly and indirectly involved in  establishing numerous national and international initiatives and interventions in Road  Safety, amongst them are rear seatbelt law, national implementation framework of UN WP29 Regulations, enforcing various UN Regulations (UN R94, 95, 66, 14, 16, 44, 140 (ESC) and others) on Road Vehicles, airbag fitment, ASEAN New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) for Malaysia, Guideline for Road Safety Audit, Code of Practices for Transport Sector under OSHA Malaysia, ISO39001 road traffic safety management systems and the competence requirements for auditing and certification in ISO17021-7, Pilot implementation of ISO39001 in Malaysia, use of electric cars, motorcycles and bicycles, in-depth crash and accident database, Automated Enforcement System, Mandatory of Electronic Stability Control System, Revision of Drive Under Influence,Malaysian Accident Emergency Call Systems Initiative, Endorsement of 2015 ASEAN Declaration on Road Safety Strategy by ASEAN Transport Ministers, road safety  recommendations to the Government of Myanmar with in-Country Expert Mission to Myanmar, and many others.

With his expertise in crashworthiness and road safety, Professor Wong has led numerous investigation teams to analyse and reconstruct numerous high profile traffic collisions in Malaysia yielded constructive recommendations up to the Cabinet of Malaysian Government for improvement since 2006. He has supervised the analysis of more than 450 traffic collisions and he has scientifically analysed and provided his  expert opinions to more than 120 motor vehicle accidents at various Courts. Professor Wong has produced over 500 scientific and technical publications. He is currently serving the editorial board of the International Journal of Crashworthiness (by Taylor & Francis), IATSS Research (by Elsevier), serving many other renowned scientific journals to review manuscript for publications. He is also sit in scientific committee of numerous international scientific conferences. Professor Wong has successfully led MIROS in receiving numerous international recognitions, amongst them are MIROS as  ASEAN Road Safety Centre endorsed by all the 10 ASEAN Transport Ministers, the 2014 Prince Michael International Road Safety Award, MIROS as one of the 7 iRAP Centres of Excellence in the world, running the 9th New Car Assessment Programme in the world. He is the founding Chairman of the ASEAN NCAP (2011-2018).

At present, Professor Wong is heading Vehicle Engineering and Mobility Research  Cluster in UPM. He was also the Chairman of PIARC (International Road Association) international Technical Committee C2 on Design and Operation of Safer Road Infrastructure, Chairman of international Working Group ISO TC 241 on good practices for implementing community safety management (ISO39002), Council member and Treasurer Assistant of REAAA (Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia), Executive Council member to the international Road Traffic Injury Research Network (RTIRN), High Level Panel Road Safety Expert of FIA (Federation of International  Automobile) and to the UN Secretary General Special Envoy on Road Safety. He had served the advisory committee of the Towards Zero Foundation, and the Deputy Chairman of Alliance for Safe Community. Professor Wong is providing advisory  consultancy to the Government of Myanmar funded by Suu Foundation. He is also appointed to the Management of Board of the Dialog Platform for SaferAfrica, a project  funded by European Union. He is also involved as Advisor to the Asia Foundation in the Urban Safety at Township Project in Myanmar. Professor Wong is recently appointed as one of the 12 road safety experts under the Commonwealth Road Safety Initiatives, and also appointed to serve the 14-member International Academic Expert  Group for the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety 2020. He was appointed in the Management Board of Nationwide implementation of Road Safety Audit and Inspection in Myanmar, which was co-chaired by the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Transport & Communications and the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Construction. He is also joined the Global Advisory Board to the Malawi Road Safety Research and Implementation Unit. Professor Wong had also served as expert and resource person in various UNECE and UNSCAP regional workshops for Nepal, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Cambodia. Professor Wong is also tasked to lead a panel of UN Road Safety Expert to the UN Road Safety Fund. He has made appraisal to 79 UN Road Safety proposals since 2020.


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